Cyber Monday: How to Shop Safely

There’s no crime in spending a little bit of your hard-earned money on Cyber Monday, however, if you’re not careful reporting a crime is just what you may end up doing instead. Identity theft is something that can happen to anyone. I know I’ve personally fallen victim to it a few times. After hitting a big loss to my piggy bank, I got fed up and decided to research ways to keep my money  and information safe. Here is a list of everything I’ve  learned over the years in this article on CBS,  read it here. Protect yourself this holiday season and let your family and friends know by sharing this article!



8 Dishes to enjoy while watching football

No Thanksgiving is complete without half of your family in the kitchen while the other half watches football. Make your thanksgiving game day special with these recipes that go a step above pigs in a blanket. Everyone will come together to grab a bite of one of these 8 dishes. You can even make one or two for tomorrow’s game day. Get the full recipes here.